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Professional manufacturing of PU foam
30 years of hard work in the field​

PU泡綿 翔順泡綿

Professional manufacturing of PU foam
30 years of hard work in the field​

Xiangshun Paomian’s services

Kaohsiung foam factory
SGS certification
Customized foam
delivery foam
​Local manufacturing
Diversified product categories
​Multiple certifications
Customized production
​Zero distance service

The factory has been operating in Kaohsiung for more than 30 years, specializing in PU foam manufacturing. The source is in Taiwan, and the manufacturing process is legal and safe.

High-density foam, inert foam, filter foam, flame-retardant foam, sound-absorbing foam, shredded polymer foam

The foam produced by Xiangshun Foam has passed various SGS safety and non-toxic certifications, including flame resistance testing.

From small quantities to large quantities, Xiangshun Foam can submit products according to customer needs, and also provides one-stop packaging services.

There is a factory in Kaohsiung, a northern studio in Taipei, and the Internet is also available! If you want to discuss production or see samples, you are not limited by distance.

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​We are
Xiangshun foam

30 years of experience in PU foam manufacturing.

We offer products from a self-regulating foaming raw material to optimal processing methods for mass production.

We also assist with your product design, such as design sizing suggestions and matching selections.

We will focus on the evolution of PU foam production capacity and development technology to continue development.

"​​We are not just a factory focusing on manufacturing, Xiangshun Foam is a good partner to accompany you to create various product possibilities."

Xiangshun foam products

Fruit foam (Xiangshun foam)
Foam for daily use

High, medium and low density foam

2D modeling foam

Commonly used products:

​Sofa, mattress, cushion, fruit or gift packaging, sound-absorbing cotton, glass lining...

DSC00050 large.jpeg
Office furniture foam, ergonomic foam

3D modeling foam

High density, slow rebound, high rebound material

Commonly used products:

​Office chair cushion, lumbar support, neck pillow, ergonomic pillow...

DSC00240 large.jpeg

Commonly used products:

​Exercise mats, kneeling mats, chair mats, pet stairs...

Anti-collision cushioning foam

​Material is hard

​​Good support and environmental protection

Other foam

Non-PU foam​: filter foam, EVA, pearl foam, self-made leather foam

​Not sure if it is PU foam, but the general name is foam material...


Contact us




Xiangshun Industrial Co., Ltd. (Head office)

​No. 327, Lide Road, Daliao District, Kaohsiung City  |  Tel: 07-7010829

Xiangshun Industrial Co., Ltd. North District Studio

No. 539, Section 8, Citizen Avenue, Nangang District, Taipei City  |  Tel: 0906-516187

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