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Xiangshun foam
Product categories

Cut foam (Xiangshun foam)

Cut foam

Foam cut into 2D shapes

Available in low, medium and high density foam.

Can be ordered in small quantities

Memory pillow (Xiangshun foam)

molded foam

The mold is filled into a 3D-shaped high-density foam, and PU foam with different hardness and texture (high resilience or memory type) can be customized.

Sound-absorbing cotton, sound-insulating cotton (Xiangshun foam)

​Wave sound-absorbing foam

Use a wave machine to make sound-absorbing foam with a wavy surface.

Broken cotton, polymerized cotton (Xiangshun)

Polymer foam

​ Polymer cotton (broken cotton) made from residual materials, which has environmental value

Neck pillow development Xiangshun foam

Wholesale of finished foam products

Foam products made in Taiwan and directly sold by the factory eliminate the need for product development and can be sold directly at wholesale.

Filter foam (Xiangshun foam)

​Other foam

It is not PU foam, but it is also called foam product. EVA, EPE, filter foam.

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