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Cut foam PU foam
Cut foam

Common foams are also called general-purpose foams. As the name suggests, they are the most widely used and common foams. They have many functions such as cushioning, shock absorption, lightness, filtration, comfort, rebound, extension, and heat preservation. So you and me In daily life, food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and entertainment, you must use:

  • Food-anti-collision cotton for wrapping fruits

  • Clothing-Protective Gear Insoles

  • Live-Sofa Furniture

  • OK - Motorcycle Seat

  • Yu-Baby Anti-collision Strips

  • Le-Sponge Pool

Cut foam Foam
foam foam
Cut foam
Cut foam
What is cut foam?

Foam is also called polyurethane. Foams of different densities and hardnesses are produced through the proportion of raw materials and formulas. The freshly baked foam is a large block foam with a volume of approximately 200 cm x 330 cm x 140 cm.

Professional operators in the factory will use different foam cutting machines to cut out 2D plane shapes according to customer needs.

Cutting foam method
Cut foam
CNC computer cutting foam
Cut foam

Semi-automatic 2D cutting

Use straight cutting machines and slitting machines to make most of the cut foam products

CNC computer cutting

​Use computer graphics system to cut complex-shaped foam

Die cutting

Use a die cutter to cut foam products in small volumes and in large quantities

PU foam
Classification table for use of cut foam with different densities
Foam density
Conventional cut foam model specifications table
Xiangshun foam
Xiangshun foam

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