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3D molded foam
3D molded foam

3D molded foam is made by developing a mold, pouring foaming raw materials into the mold, and heating it to form a 3D-shaped foam. This approach makes it easy to design complex foam shapes. There are two main raw materials for foam: high resilience foam and memory foam.

Commonly used in ergonomic products, pillows, office chair cushions, automobile and motorcycle chair cushions

High density and high resilience foam
High density inert foam
Molded PU foam mold opening mold
High density and high resilience foam
High density inert foam

High-rebound foam is a special material with excellent rebound elasticity and durability. It can be used in high-support block products with its comfort characteristics. It is mainly used in special purposes such as high-end furniture, toys, shoes, and sports equipment.

  • Market applications: medical care, home use, industrial machinery, and sports industry.

Also known as: low rebound/slow rebound/memory foam, special additives and foaming techniques are used to effectively control the cell structure and extension characteristics, combined with the foam breaking process, to make the foam product highly breathable. Mainly used in home applications such as mattresses and ergonomic pillows.

  • Market application: memory pillow, memory mattress

Shiang Shun's molded foam...

Exclusive blending technology of foam raw materials


Customized foam hardness and density for all customers, as well as stable production quality.

PU foam raw material manufacturing and blending technology has been inherited for the past 30 years, adapting to all raw material adjustments to provide uninterrupted productivity

- stability


Fully automated machinery and equipment


The technology of PU foam production equipment has been improved to save labor costs and wastage. The use of automated machinery and equipment has increased the production volume to the highest in the industry, driving the supply chain operation speed.

— Automation


Professional custom development and R&D consultant


With 30 years of PU foam manufacturing technology and a deep understanding of the characteristics of PU foam, we have collaborated with many companies to develop multiple products in the past. With accumulated technology and continuously improving equipment, Xiangshun Foam will continue to be a good development partner for more companies!

— Development

Mold development

Shiang Shun's Foam can assist in the development of brand molds, as well as the care and maintenance of molds after use.


In addition to assisting various enterprises and major manufacturers in mold opening and production, we also have public version molds that can provide customers with options without mold opening. If you want to know more about the public version mold models, please contact the website assistant, or contact us by email/call.

Foam mold

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